Once upon a time

Once upon a time

In the summer of 1988, at only 24 years old, my good friend and I decided to leave Italy and embark on an extraordinary adventure in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean with the dream of developing a resort in the Republic of Maldives.

With hard work, patience and perseverance we managed to purchase an island where our resort named Moofushi would be established.

The image below was taken by me in the summer of 1990 from a helicopter. The resort comprised of 45 bungalows and 15 overwater structures. Moofushi welcomed people from all over the world and kept satisfied visitors coming back for nearly 20 years until the island was conceded back to the Maldivian government in 2007.

Owning and managing a resort was an experience unlike any other. I emerged from my time spent working in Moofushi having learnt more than I could have ever expected. I learnt to provide my clients with an enjoyable, carefree and luxurious stay at the resort. I learnt to adopt a degree of pragmatism and flexibility in matters concerning business as operating a resort in a remote part of the world would often present obstacles and challenges in need of prompt resolution. Most importantly, I learnt the importance of precision, care, quality and detail in the hospitality industry.

Now, 29 years since we first opened Moofushi, my same friend and I have chosen to return to the hospitality business in the Maldives by producing and providing all the necessary supplies for the Maagau Resort operated by the prestigious Italian hotel group Baglioni.

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Cristiano Galli-Zugaro