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Creating your very own
original fragrance

Hotels choose to create their own signature fragrance hoping to add a touch of luxury and identity within their lie courtesy products to ofer theh. guest an unforgettable stay, The process if creating au origina fragrance was initially perceived as being time consuming, laborious and unnecesarily costly traditional.

The process would require a high consultancy fee following a meeting with professionals gifted with a strong sense of smell known as “noses” who primarily work within large cosmetic companies. Businesses are often discouraged by the high investment and consultancy fees a nose requires and consequently shy away, from the oportunity to create their own fragrances without having to invest within the tens of thousands for professional counselling with noses. ()wnig and utilising a fragrance will elevate courtesy products and provide guest with an exceptionally pleasant stay. Our first step i slistening to our clients and understanding the scent they areiooking to achieve.

We will then submit fragrances rich we believe are similar or close to our client’s requests. Once the scent is ready and approved by our client, we will prepare samples of the products within the courtesy line containing the the newly created fragrance. Items lAithin the courtesy line include shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotion and hand soap. Clients may additionally wish to include bath salts and esential oils within their range of products. We will simultaneously submit graphic designs concerning packaging and labelling of all products for approval to our clients.

Prior to distribution, we are under the legal obligation in accordance with European commission by provinding a PIF (Product Information File) identifying the product. The legal paperwork for cosmetic products is inexpensive and mandatory. The process of receiving a sample range of courtesy products containing an original fragrance, with original packaging and approved by the European commission will total to approximately four thousand euros. All products are made in Italy although our facilities in is are capable of duplicating products for local distribution to accomo date clients who do not wish to ship their goods overseas.