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The products

Geographical locations

Portofino is located in the north, Capri in the center and Taormina in the south of Italy.

The products are made in Italy in accordance to the strict European laws and regulations.
The tubes are 50 ml but filled with 40 ml / 1.3 FL OZ products.
The soap weights 50 grams.


Portofino is a beautiful old fishermen village in the region of Genova in the north part of Italy. This beautiful place is the favorite destination for many Italians living in Milano. This is the land of the best basil in the planet from which is made the famous ‘’Pesto’’ a green sauce for the ‘’trofie’’, a typical kind of pasta of this area. In the area is also renowned as well the growth of the plants of mandarin.

Mandarino di Portofino


Capri is a beautiful Italian island facing the gulf of Naples and the Vesuvio volcano. This beautiful location has been for century the home of many Roman emperors and still nowadays the Villa and the gardens of Augustus are visited every years by many tourists. The blue cave is an unique attraction with amazing reflexes of lights. One of the famous product of Capri is the limoncello a typical variety of lemon. From this citrus the people of Capri are making the ’’Limoncello’’ a tasty light spirit known all over the world.

Linea Limoncello di Capri


Taormina is a beautiful little town in the area of Messina close to one of the most active volcanoes in Italy called Etna. Taormina is built on a mountain facing the sea and the old Greek theatre is an amazing historical site built in the middle of the city. The landscape of ‘’Isola bella’’ a small island close to the beaches of Taormina is breath taking. The flower of the orange is called in Italian ‘’Zagara’’ and in this beautiful land is one of the main gift or our ‘’Mater Terra’’.

Zagara d’arancio di Taormina